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 Find out about the subsidy, price, and fuel efficiency of Kia EV6, an electric car in Korea

As the domestic electric vehicle market is gradually expanding, the Kia EV6 vehicle is at the center of it.

Design, price, and subsidy are all in good condition. I think it has a better configuration than imported electric vehicles.

So today, let's talk about EV6 vehicles.

Those who are thinking of buying should see the real thing.

However, it is difficult to see at the branch or agency right now, and even in Seoul, except for the Gayang branch, it is not available.

Even if you sign a contract here, the waiting period is about 15 months.. I think the semiconductor shortage in the end brought this result.

If you look at the types of electric vehicles in Korea, there are two major mountain ranges: Hyundai Ioniq and Kia EV6.

And the late parking GV70 and 60.. Chevrolet Volt..

You just need to know that it exists.

You may be eligible for subsidies when purchasing electric vehicles.

100% subsidy if the value of the car is less than 55 million won. 50% for less than 550-85 million won.

EV6 vehicles have 100% benefits excluding GT.

Based on the long-range 4WD Earth, 7 million won in the national treasury and 2 million won in Seoul.

A total of 900,000 won will be paid out.

There are slight differences between regions and vehicle grades, so it is best to check this at a branch or dealership.

I think you just have to remember that it's about this much.

long range price

If you look at the factory price based on the long range that you can ride longer than the standard..


Air 51.2 million won

Earth 55.95 million won

GT LINE 56.8 million won


Air 54.02 million won

Earth 58.78 million won

GT LINE 59.62 million won


If you add options and add the registration fee, the total amount is obtained, and the final amount is calculated by subtracting the subsidy for electric vehicles from this.

Why do you say the long-range model is good?

The choice of electric car is to reduce fuel costs and ride for a long time.

As an example of cruising distance, Standard Earth 2WD is 370KM.

The long range is 470 km. A whopping 100km difference.. (Combined fuel efficiency: 5.4kWh)

It may be said that it is not a big deal, but are you going from Seoul to Busan at once?!

Or do you charge it once at a rest stop in the middle? There is such a difference.

It is true that the long range is definitely more attractive if you count it until it rises.

Even if you ride for commuting from the city center, if you say you drive 40km a day, I think you have two more days.

This is my personal opinion and not an answer, so I think you should think about what you need and decide.

  • inside


The good thing about electric vehicles in Korea is that they have various options and a large space.

Those of you who have actually seen it will probably agree with me.

Compared to imported brands, the internal combustion engine is the same... I don't think it can compete with convenience devices.

In fact, I think the ample space also has an advantage when riding.

At the center of it all is the Kia EV6.

room mirror.

There is a high pass card slot in front of the interior light.

The panoramic screen from the digital instrument panel to the navigation is stylish in itself!

It seems that it is really commendable that such a configuration can come out among domestic brands.

Personally, I can say that it looks better compared to the Ioniq 5.

door trim..

The window side mirror buttons are visible, and even the speakers showing that the Meridian Sound System is selected as an option.

In the lower left corner of the steering wheel, there is a light button on the instrument panel and the electronic parking brake TCS.

The gearbox is a dial type, so you can use it by turning it.

Auto hold..A function that provides convenience in waiting for a signal or in a congested section.

And it's nice that the smartphone wireless charger is right on the right side of the driver's seat.

There are cases where other vehicles are hidden, but it's good to be out for sure.

If you are planning to purchase a domestic electric vehicle, I would recommend the Kia EV6 vehicle.